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Zone Map

Note the Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Shore zones!

Windsurfers and kitesurfers share one and the same passion; wind, waves, and sun. In cooperation with the kite school and the municipality of Silvaplana we have developed a zone plan to get around each other well and without accidents. We ask all lake users to respect and observe the windsurf, kitesurf and shore zones! Share the passion, share the lake, share the stoke. Thank you!

Zonenplan Windsurfing Silvaplana

Our Stations

Station 1 windsurfing Silvaplana Station 1

Open 9-17
Windsurfing Silvaplana GmbH
Stradun Chantunel 4
7513 Silvaplana
  • Majolawind: onshore - sideshore - choppy
  • ideal for advanced surfers
  • place to be - Surfshop - second hand gear
  • Point-7 Distribution Switzerland
  • wing school & rental
Windsurfing Silvaplana Stationen

Station 2 windsurfing Silvaplana Station 2

open from 01.07 - 30.08
Windsurfing Silvaplana GmbH
Via Riva d'Lej 4
7514 Sils Maria
  • Majolawind: offshore - flatwater
  • ideal for beginners
  • ideal for beachstart
  • ideal for family & groups
  • kids courses
  • wing school & rental