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SUP Stand Up Paddle Silvaplana Engadin

Stand Up Paddle - SUP - / Kanu Kurse

SUP is short for stand up paddle-boarding. It's similar to surfing but you are standing upright on the board and don't use your hands but a paddle to get moving. Stand up paddling goes back to polysinese fishermen, who maneuvered their canoes on the sea in front of Tahiti while standing upright.
While peacefully planing over the water, one is training all his muscles and her balance. Paddling on a SUP demands all the muscles in your back, your shoulders as well as your arms. That's why SUPing is ideal to get a pretty silhouette while having fun and enjoying nature. Our station is equipped with up to 30 inflatable and hard boards by brands Fanatic and Indiana. The boards are being swapped every year and hence are always brand-new. The water entry is easy and no more than two steps away from our station.


Station 1 windsurfing Silvaplana Stand Up Paddle Tour

Guided SUP tours on lake silvaplana with certified instructors and the latest SUP boards and paddles
Days Daily from 7.30am
Times 1 hour inbetween 7.30am to ca. 11.00 Uhr
Type Guided Tour
1h / 70.-CHF 2h / 120.-CHF 3h / 170.-CHF

Station 1 windsurfing Silvaplana Canoe tour

Guided canoe tour on lake silvaplana with certified instructors and our comfortable "Sit-on-Top" two person canoes
Days Daily
Times from 7.30am to ca. 11am
1h / 70.-CHF 2h / 120.-CHF 3h / 170.-CHF

Our Stations

Station 1 windsurfing Silvaplana Station 1

closed for this season!
Windsurfing Silvaplana GmbH
Stradun Chantunel 4
7513 Silvaplana
  • Majolawind: onshore - sideshore - choppy
  • ideal for advanced surfers
  • place to be - Surfshop - second hand gear
  • Point-7 Distribution Switzerland
  • wing school & rental
Windsurfing Silvaplana Stationen

Station 2 windsurfing Silvaplana Station 2

Windsurfing Silvaplana GmbH
Via Riva d'Lej 4
7514 Sils Maria
  • Majolawind: offshore - flatwater
  • ideal for beginners
  • ideal for beachstart
  • ideal for family & groups
  • kids courses
  • wing school & rental


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